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This bike looks good but their isn't much info on it on the website. Does anyone know if this bike has a torque sensor or cadence sensor? What is the top motor assist speed? Any ideas about the projected range? How much does it weigh?

I emailed Biktrix and got the following reply:

Does this bike has a torque sensor or cadence sensor?
The Monte 1000 has Cadence sensor. Monte Capro has a cadence and torque sensor but has no throttle and the power is limited to 350W continuous.
What is the top motor assist speed?
Monte 1000 has a regulated top speed of 32kph. When unlocked, it can do 45kph.
What is the projected range?
About 50km on a charge.
How much does it weigh?
A production 750w/48v Bafang mid drive with semi integrated motor and battery? Rare and interesting. Has anyone had a chance to ride this? Looks more upright than classic mtb design, with the adjustable stem could be a good commuter. Have not found any video and their website does not list the full specs of their bikes. Can't find anyone that purchased this particular model although their fatbike seems popular.
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A few people have been wondering about the Monte 1000
Big Mahalo for the info, I would call some of those issues more than "small" particularly the components swap out for cheaper goods, and the fact that you had to buy a new stem for your new bike. Honestly, sounds like Biktrix is struggling a little from the stand point of operations and quality control. Most of us can fix anything that arrives defective, the point is when buying a new $2200 bike you should not have to; or you should get more support, I hope they reimbursed you for the stem. I think you are correct that some of these issues are inevitable, regardless they need to be remedied by the seller.
I get that but really the only 2 options are some kind are incremental refunds (as you suggest) or send me a new bike and see if I have better luck. He didn't offer either of those so I just figured I was on my own. At the very least I know he offers Deore components as an upgrade maybe he could have offered that. He is a small business owner and I am sure he has a lot on his plate... Whatever the case I am not interested in throwing people under the bus and I wanted to be fair in my review.
I wanted to be fair in my review
You were fair for sure. I am thinking about a purchase with the component upgrade. Is the fork an air shock? Thru axle? Does the throttle work at all PAS levels? How is the comfort level? (asking b/c the geometry appears to be less rider forward than traditional MTB). Thinking of making this a commuter.
In all honesty the most important thing about a direct to consumer bike is that the frame, motor, battery and drive train are solid. It's really better to upgrade it yourself or let your local bike shop do it for you. It's hard to tell with the biketrix at this point because it's so new but I think it's solid. The fork is a spring and oil suspension but seems to do the trick for now...its on the lower end but it has separate compression adjustments but I will probably upgrade it if the bike proves worthy. The throttle follows the pas levels 1 being 20 percent 2 being 40 and so on but they can open that setting for you when you order if you like. The stem is adjustable but I would consider it on the less aggressive side and appropriate for a commuter. The mid drive definitely peaks over 1000w which is nice and has good power but not as much torque as hub drive like on a Rad Rover but better balanced and higher top speed

Hope this helps
Updated review

I just purchased and received a Monte 1000 from Roshan..
Let me preface this brief review by saying the bike is fun to ride and its fast. I understand this is a 2000.00 bike but with that said its still a 2000.00 bike. I have a Haibike, Trek and Radrover so I have a pretty good point of reference. For the most part the bike came as advertised my issues were really with the fit and finish of the bike. Not sure how the process works around building, shipping and quality control but I will take you through the various small issues
1. the box was open on both ends when I received it...I am not sure if it had any impact on the bike but its obviously better when the box is sealed...Roshan said he was in the process of changing carriers
2.the website said it was equipped with Shimano Asera and it cam with Shimano Atlas which is a step down...when I asked Roshan about it he thanked me for letting him know and changed it on the website...doesnt really fix the issue, however he then sent me deore components and I had them installed...definitely an upgrade
3.there were various small chips and scratches on the bike...nothing terrible but when you buy something new you expect it to be in new condition...sent pictures to Roshan he agreed that it wasn't the "best batch"
4.The brakes were not really set up correctly specifically the rear break...Mechanical discs are always a little tricky on a bike like this but in this case the rear brake just doesn't stop the bike...Roshan says he is sending me a hydraulic set but so far have not received them
5. One of the bolts on the stem was frozen and the hex stripped trying to remove it...Roshan suggested I buy a new stem so I did for 40 bucks...worked fine
6. I had some questions about the suspension fork mostly about the downtube and the possibility of using a tapered replacement. When I asked for a link to a an adapter that Roshan recommended he sent me a cad drawing in Chinese which doesn't really help me because I am not an engineer or Chinese.
7. The battery is a little loose...not a huge issue just the fit
8. There is significant wobble on the back tire which Roshan claims is normal (not sure I agree)
Finally the frame, motor and drivetrain work well together and it is very fun to ride. When you buy things direct to consumer you can always expect some of the above issues but I have been a little disappointed with the follow up, fit and finish and attention to detail. Ultimately It is just prolonging my ability to really enjoy the bike until I get it all dialed in...more when get it totally dialed in!
In fairness I am a little bit of a perfectionist and it will just be best to continue to take the bike to my local shop and just have it dialed in and upgraded to spec which obviously makes it a little more of an investment on the bike. Roshan seems like a good guy and has been very responsive to my emails but just didnt have a lot of answers. Obviously I was looking for solutions to my various issues but I got the impression that he thought i was bringing quality control to his attention. When I asked him to exchange the bike for a new one that might be a "better batch" he told me it was going to be 600.00 in shipping and a restocking fee. Which is obviously ridiculous and out of the question. If you cant service the bike then you really need to figure out how to accept returns or exchanges, geography (US/Canada) cant be the reason you cant service your customers. The bottom line is I just wasn't completely satisfied with the product.
Just an update for the Monte 1000. Roshan is a man of his word and finally sent me Deore components and hydraulic brakes...after a week in a local bike shop this bike is a totally different machine. The bike is fast and responsive however it's not really a mountain bike more of an all-purpose treking bike. So all in it's a solid bike for the money but you definitely need to dial it in. I have a few hundred extra dollars invested but clearly a better bike for it. Fit and finish still remains in question but the build has been solid and the drivetrain makes the bike a lot of fun.
Roshan if you read these posts do your customers a favor and ship with the upgraded components. Charge a little more if you have to but the bike is just so much better when it's upgraded!