MC helmet with eBike when I am on busy streets


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One of my paths is a pretty busy main road in town. If I get clipped, it will be a bad day. I have been wearing an old MC helmet of mine when taking that path.
It's not a particularly big helmet, not down to chin, but it is a full, DOT, MC helmet.

I imagine I might look a little odd to others, but, as long as I have the helmet, I guess I should continue to use it for that path.
Helmet choice is pretty particular to the individual and their needs, but there is value in a proper helmet. You won't need (or even want) the sound isolation provided by MC helmets, as the wind noise won't get that loud. Many MC helmets make for poor venting at low speeds, and the heat and discomfort can have a real negative impact on your awareness and attention. Shoulder checks and peripheral vision are worse in most MC helmets too, but not all. Dirt bike helmets often have very good peripheral vision and are open and free flowing.

It is important to recognize that helmets do have a lifespan. Old helmets can degrade and weaken both the shell or the foam, and with UV/environmental exposure you may not get the protection you think you will. The strap may not hold the way it should, rendering the whole helmet a weakness. Not to mention the technology advancements are not insignificant. Modern helmets have slippy liners that can help reduce neck damage or brain damage due to sharp rotation. Impact protection is highly studied now too, so helmet variety can even vary by type of rider you are.

I would be reluctant to recommend a general moto helmet for a street e-bicycle for many reasons. But as you say, maybe it's better than none in traffic or at high speeds. Scooter riders certainly span the range from bicycle to motorcycle helmets. Safety is more important than goofiness to most of us, but false safety can also be dangerous. :)
I wear a chin protection Fox Rampage everywhere. It has seven vents. I pedal unpowered most of the distance, using electricity only the 60th to 80th hill in the last 5 miles of my commute.
I broke my chin on gravel before I could find the Rampage. " bicycle helmet with chin guard" found me two hundred unvented motorcycle helmets on bing & google 3 months before the last spill. I should sue them. I've got a SS screw in my jaw and the jaw is lopsided.
Search term that works is "downhill mountain bike racing helmet". I have never raced a bike in my life.
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Today was a very Hot day in my area since I've had the bike. Took a nice ride, came home, and ordered a vented bike helmet. ;)
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