LIV TEMPT E+ Chain jumping in High Gear (Smallest Rear Cog)


Just got a new TEMPT E+ 3 gears seem fine on the stand but with force behind them when riding the smallest cog on the cassette the bike makes a noise and chain seems to jerk. Any ideas? Thanks, John
Thanks just watched that and went through all the adjustments. I'll give it a ride tomorrow and see if it is any better. What was wrong with your chain? This is a new bike so I'm hoping there aren't any failed components. John
Just got a call from the bike shop they replaced the smallest cog on the back wheel with the same (Advent Cassette COG). Same thing chain skipping. Then they replaced it with a different brand smallest cog (which is silver as opposed to the rest being black). They said the skipping stopped. I will be picking it up this weekend. Lesson learned stay away from Advent Micro Shift on these E-Bikes, problems right out of the store. Also surprised this bike came with a KMC Z9 chain instead of a KMC E9 chain which is made for E-Bikes.