Level or Sinch Cadence Sensor removal


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I was wondering if anyone has experience removing a Cadence Sensor from a Level or Sinch. I have an annoying creak coming from my Level's bottom bracket while pedaling under load, and although I was able to easily remove both crank arms with the Park Tool that I have, I paused at trying to remove the Cadence Sensor in fear of damaging it. They seem to be in very short, to no supply right now, and damaging the one I have would be game over for the time being.

It looks like it just presses onto the reveal of the crank itself with a series of rubber teeth, and if so, it should be easily removed by a fiber spudger or the like, worked between it and the outer hub of the bottom bracket. I did want to confirm this though, before I attempted to do so. With it off, I can use my cup wrench to remove and repack the bottom bracket and hope for the best. That part, I have a lot of experience with. It's just this little - and very necessary - sensor that is all new.