KTM Macina Action plus 27.5- new owner

Brilliant. :) A very tough start to the ride as well. :)

Pushing the bike is no discredit, I've had several times when I haven't been able to get up stuff. Traction is often the first thing to fail, and once that is lost, no amount of power is ever going to help. It's also surprising just how quickly that your own energy fails.

This ride always stands out as good one. The first mile or so were pretty tough. 1,155 ft of elevation gain over just the first one mile. I've completed the ride three times now, the first time being on a pedal mtb. The route zig zags and I had to set myself a goal of getting to each bend, tree stump, railing, or whatever, just to manage the climb. I was actually also sick the first time that I rode it. An ebike certainly made life easier, but still traction wasn't easy. https://www.strava.com/activities/350379081

There is a second app that can be used in conjunction with Strava, which adds a whole new dimension to it. https://veloviewer.com/ I've not paid for this one, but the free trial was interesting.

An example of a recent ride shown on Veloviewer.

velo viewer.JPG

I'm a bit hit and miss using Strava, and go through stages of using it, then not. Frustratingly I have also lost a lot of data recorded, in respect of climb elevation. I suspect that listing the rides as ebike has played a part in this, but can't be sure.
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