Just charged my A2B Alva+ bike after 5+ years of being stored. I thought, the battery was totally dead and searched here for a solution.


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I found out that the A2B Alva + , it has been discontinued and there are no active dealers
My battery luckily charged but it probably would need to be replaced or rebuilt soon as the bike though it has not been used, it is a 2014 model year. Any A2B including Alva+ modal owners available to advice or suggest alternative avenues or options to facilitate the use of this beautifully optioned bike?
Much appreciated! [email protected]
Located in the San Francisco Bay area


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If it recharged, congratulations! I would imagine that Alva's battery management circuitry is much more sophisticated than a lot of the cheap stuff in many of today's batteries. If it didn't go to sleep forever, it's probably in good shape. I would suggest riding a few times to see if it has sufficient range for your uses. If so, keep using it.

I've got several batteries purchased in the summer of 2015 that are still in use. One of them is on a bike I gave to my sister. We did a 35 mile ride in 2022 and again in 2023, which is more than the dealer promised when new.

Longer term, you can have them rebuilt, but some rebuilders are problematic, and it always is very expensive relative to the value of the ebike involved. People rebuild when the old two wheeled crate has sentimental value.
Thank! I was looking for some reassurance to my good fortune. Do you have any feedback on reliable and cost effective battery rebuilders in the San Francisco Bay proximity by any chance? Sooner or later, it might need to be necessary.
Or maybe any alternative replacement that would work would be ideal for future warranty or service. Wishful thinking at its best!
Have a great weekend! Thanks again!