Juiced G2 Batteries


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I've not been here much since I didn't buy any new bikes during the main COVID period. Just been working on my own. I've had some great trips, but less this year as I've had to dedicate time to other things. Both my bikes need new brake pads, and the RCS mileage reset again at 2500km. So sounds like a hard bug in some of the displays, as it's happened twice to me know at the same distance. I have a new display, but been too lazy to put it on, maybe this is a controller issue I don't know, I never asked Juiced, but others have had it. So after 5000km I've needed, tires, tubes, and brakes. Nothing else so far for maintenance. My display had fungus since day 1, but I've been living with it. I have the display already. I washed some better mud protection for the rear, but I also purchased the new full fender, just never got to attaching it.

I'm surprised no one is talking about the G2 batteries here. The most exciting thing happening at Juiced almost (I would not mind an updated RCS though). I preordered in February to save a few dollars and I just received it yesterday. Others that ordered after me got it sooner, so not sure how they scheduled the orders for shipment. I only tested that it was compatible with my older RCS, and that was confirmed, but needs more of a push to seat in.

The new button being completely electronic push button bothers me, I was hope for a real OFF switch that takes out the BMS and everything leaving only inherent parasitic drain. They claim the drain is quite low though, but these things you have to measure if you want the truth in most cases; spec-sheets often lie.

The biggest issue people will talk about is how the new button is in accessible when the battery is installed on the bike. I'm not sure if the security aspects of this design outweigh the inconvenience. It's certainly going to get some people's blood pressure up. For my riding it probably won't be an issue if the drain is low, but it is actually less secure if it is not actually turned off for stops. So... some huge trade-offs on this design.

The new Handle on the battery and hidden air-tag tray are top 5 design features. Love those, and they are really clever considering the battery is backward compatible.

Now the best part; THE PRICE ! They are not cheap with the 19.2Ah being retail $799 + Shipping + taxes or basically almost $900 to your door, but.... compared to the older design this is a $500 saving. Not a bargain, but a huge improvement to previous and new Juiced e-Bike customers. I really have to thank Juiced for introducing the G2 series and making them backward compatible. This means I don't have to erase them off my list I hope, and now might consider a Juiced upgrade at some point before I get my dream bike as parts, technology, and vendor issues stabilize. I'm scared to look at what cells they are using, but I'll see in the real world how a new 19.2Ah G2 battery performs compared to my original one. Now I have a lot of electron juice for both my bikes.

Anyone else have any comments or experience on the new G2 batteries?
Been through a couple of cycles on the new battery, and it is working great. The hidden power button can be a annoying at times. As expected this does not affect me too much and offers a little extra security, so I'm OK with this change; other use cases I think will have customers complaining loudly. The battery handle is fantastic, now it is similar to my silverfish style batteries in handling. Currently I'm seeing roughly the same performance of the older 19.2Ah battery, but didn't make any scientific tests.
did you have to upgrade your display also? i have the 48v crosscurrent and juiced told me that i would have to replace the display also if i upgrade to this battery.
I'm using the battery on an existing 52V Ripcurrent S, so I did not have to replace anything to use the new G2 battery.
juiced bikes told me that but i dont know if it is really a big deal if the display is off a little. i am having my old battery fixed at FTH Power i hope this will correct my bike problems of shutting off when i put a load on it.
I'm sure they will be able to fix your battery. I have another one of my batteries that needs fixing, but no time to take it apart and fix it. It's only a 13Ah battery, but I fixed one before so I want to do this one as well. Based on it's past performance it uses good cells. Now that I have an extra couple 19.2Ah batteries though, it might wait until winter to get fixed, as I have another bike that needs some TLC and that is higher priority.

I'm not sure if it is just the readout that will be wrong or if it will somehow affect the bike to use the 48V display. Really the display should not be an issue, but poor design of the display may make it incompatible.
i tried contacting EBIKE marketplace because the have a tdcm hub motor for sale and i wanted to find out if it would be compatible with motor in my crosscurrent. but they dont reply to email and they dont answer the phone on any of their lines. i wonder if they are still operating? my hub motor is making terrible noises and has a code for the Hall effect sensor. would you know of any contacts for a tdcm hub motor? FTH power only communicates thru email, sure makes it more difficult to do business.
Sorry i can't help you with hub motors. I will say one has to worry about not only the motor, but also the wiring/connectors. i saw on here or youtube at one time some information about repairing the hub motors As usually it is just the clutch/freewheel mechanism that goes. Try some google searches, or maybe some one else here will have some links for you. Watch for a replacement wheel or parts bike in the classifieds and on ebay.