I like the Rad Power Radcity ebike - What other models in that style can you recommend?


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I've just spent hours watching reviews on your site. Thanks for your great reviews. I was thinking of building an eBike, but I didn't think I could build one that has the features I found on the Rad Power Radcity that your reviewed and save money. I'm 5' 11 and weigh ~ 190 lbs and looking for a bike with a range of 20-25 miles (w pedal assist) for casual city riding and occasional rides on smooth dirt trails. I love the integrated rack on the Radcity and it seems to be a good value at $1500 for all the features it has. Will it fit in the back of my Nissan LEAF? Before I decide on this bike, Are there any other models that have similar features in that price range you can suggest I look at? Thanks !
Rad Mini would be a better choice!
It will certainly fit in the back of your LEAF.
I have a LEAF and just ordered a RadMini. I wanted a folding bike so it WOULD fit in the car. It probably won't arrive for a few weeks. But I'm excited about my electric car and my electric bike.