How Far are You Getting with Your 17.5Ah Battery?


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I have a 2023 Voltbike Bravo with the 17.5Ah battery, but, because of weather, haven't been able to get out for a really long ride. I was wondering how far members are getting with their 17.5Ah batteries?
30-44 miles with my rear hub 750W Aventon Level on paved trails. Leisure riding
20-27 miles with my mid drive 1500W Luna Z1 MTB on combo paved and off-road trails. Sport riding.
I have the Venture with 14Ah battery. Reliably getting 60 to 70km on a charge, mostly PAS 1 sometimes 2 and never throttle.
It's like asking how much air pressure do you run?
Or what brand/weight oil do you use in your vehicles?
Too many variables .......just figure somewhere between 10 and 80 miles (not km's) and you'll be spot on ;) :) :);)
If all the responses were about Bravos using the same battery voltage, you could start to compare range experiences with batteries of the same Ah. Otherwise, you'll have to compare on battery watt-hours (Wh), a measure of the total electrical energy stored. That's the commodity you're actually draining when you run the motor.

To get Wh from Ah, you just multiply the Ah by battery voltage — the implication being that you can ride longer with the same Ah at higher voltage, and vice versa. For my 48V, 20Ah battery, 48V x 20Ah = 960 Wh.

After 8 months and 1,400 miles on this battery, have only the vaguest notion of its full range. With the varied terrain around here, it's probably good for 60+ miles in the hilly parts and at least 80-90 mi on the flats.

However, I've never ridden far enough to put those hunches to the test. And at least 95% of those miles were at PAS 1/9 with a blip of throttle now and then. Other people will ride differently. Plus, some bikes will turn their stored Wh into distance more efficiently than others.

Unfortunately, many of the ranges you'll see quoted here will be at least that shaky.
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Thanks for all the replies. I originally posted this question in March, and have since figured out my battery range. Using PAS 3 of 9, I can get about 100km on my 48v 17.5 Ah battery.