How do you enable the "off-road" speed?


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I have the 500w rear hub, w/ the high speed 28mph console.

Is getting the off-road speed contingent on using the console?

I paired the motor with the Falco software and put it into Turbo mode there, but that didn't make a differene - still maxing out at about 18mph.

I also tried connecting the console and putting it into Turbo mode via that, but still maxing at 18mph.
You should be able to get into cruise mode by depressing + and - buttons at the same time. Don't wear gloves. :)

If you use the new GUI with an updated firmware package, it has a 20+ mph option for max speed.
After some further tests with this, I was able to get it 20+ using the Console, but I prefer to ride w/o the Console.

Hadn't been able to figure out how to get the GUI software to do it - but wasn't working with the latest version. Just downloaded it and will give it a try tomorrow and report back!

For other's reference, here's the download link I found for 1.4: 1.4.3.exe
I don't "think" there's a way if memory serves (it doesn't always!) as the Cruise setting is only accessable from the console and it resets every time the battery is switched off. Even if you turn it back on and it shows cruise on the console, it's NOT on Cruise until you cycle through the settings. Has to be turned on each time you start up which I'm pretty sure means using the console. Why don't you like using it? Don't have to see it if you want to mount it out of sight, but pretty sure you need it to go over 20mph.
Tried the 1.4.3 interface, was able to set it to go above 20mph. Works great. But then you loose the setting when you turn the battery off and back on. : ( Every other setting saves to the motor, why shouldn't that?

Re: why not using the console. Just like less parts. With the console I have to have the wireless adapater and the console. Plus I have to make sure the console stays charged. I liked how this motor could be programmed with my settings and just go.

Mine use to do that until I got a firmware upgrade. That is more involved technically, but can be done with a download from Falco. The latest program will keep your settings. Maybe call Falco and see if they have an easy fix.

I no longer use the wireless console, battery issues. My turn-on setting is level 5. I do miss the different level and regen, but the console had charging issues.
My console sometimes doesn't charge when it's been hooked up. I have to check it before I ride.
I can´t find the FalcoInterface 1.4.3. Is there anybody who can sending it to me?

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