HOTRAD Rover MODS Custom


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Ever since I got the radrover a few months ago I've enjoy customizing it to make it look nice. The next step is wheels.


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Yes was going for the vintage British motorcycle look like Triumph. It will come together soon with a few more mods.
Looks great! What are the head/tail lights? Are they plug-n-play with the battery pack?
The headlight is a 12v motorcycle light that is wired between a DC to DC down converter then to the stock wires. The brake light is just a rechargeable bike light.
Either Amazon or Ebay and type in 48V to 12V converter
You have to check the light that you are getting to match the amp for the convertor.
I like your idea of lowering the LCD by moving it forward & lower. I have something a little different in mind which I might try. I'm thinking of turning the current bracket upside down and then use a piece of steel or aluminum to extend it forward.
Just got the RadRover in the mail yesterday. I cant see the pictures in the front of this thread..This thread has some great ideas from people who have upgraded the Rad. I don't see any front fork upgrades so I guess it is suitable for light duty riding which is what I will be doing. Keep this alive with any updates or upgrades Great job Guys.
What kind of seat is that? It look like it'd be more comfortable than stock for sure... at least could adjust your position easily. I'm going to search for your headlight too... sweet job on modding the RR. It does have the British Racer vibe!