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I just purchased this bike from an estate sale. They called it a Turbo Vado/Como 5.0. The bike's serial number comes back as a Turbo Vado 5.0 but the non-suspension fork confuses me. Were Turbo Vados made without suspension forks? Also any ideas as to model year. Sellers listed it as 2021 but there's nothing on the tags or the Specialized site that lists model year. Thanks for any Help!


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That is probably correct...the 2022's have suspension forks and the downtube is narrower. Hope that helps.
It is the 2017 model. Very good model if the battery is still in a good shape. If not, you would need to order a new U1-600 battery from a Specialized dealer but such battery is expensive. I own the same model but Step-Through.

Please check whether the display is a colour one named BLOKS. If yes, it is some trouble but it could probably be sorted.

Note: Suspension forks have been introduced to Vados in 2018.

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Jim, in case it is the BLOKS display and you experience any issues, just let me know!
Thanks again Stefan. So far it is good. The battery tested at 100% health via MC (used my other Vado to test it) with 41 charge cycles. So battery seems to be great.

Is there any way to adjust assist settings since BLOKS is not usable with MC? Any other known problems I should know with the older bike? Thanks again!
The battery tested at 100% health via MC
The battery health 100% in MC is a fixed label, not a number... :)

with 41 charge cycles
That is great!

Is there any way to adjust assist settings since BLOKS is not usable with MC?
See this post of mine
There is a working link to an Android app that worked for me in early 2020. Not sure if that app will work now.

Any other known problems I should know with the older bike?
The BLOKS is the only issue. That display is terribly bad. If it hangs, the motor will not work. Should it happen to you:
  • Permanently remove a tiny screw from the display mount base. It will allow you removing the display by a quarter-turn. (The screw is an anti-theft measure only).
  • There is a tiny silver point at the base of the BLOKS. Using the tip of the smallest hex key (or perhaps the tip of a ball-pen), long depress that point; it will reset the BLOKS and the motor will start working again. Replace the display in the mount.
The BLOKS was one of the biggest blunders for Specialized. For that reason, the brand produced a big number of "BLOKS to TCD-W conversion sets". Your MY2017 Vado 5.0 requires a special conversion set for "45 km/h Euro Vados equipped with the Specialized 1.2s motors". The same kit is used for 2018-present Vado 6.0. I got the upgrade free under the warranty. However, I know of several users who got their MY 2017 Vado 5.0 or Vado 6.0 upgraded well past the warranty. Perhaps see your local Specialized LBS, describe the situation and ask if it is doable to get the "BLOKS to TCD-w conversion set for Vado 6.0". You would certainly have to pay for the labour (it is a lot of work to upgrade) but the chances are you would not need to pay for the conversion set itself! (The conversion set contains far more than just the display!)

Otherwise, the MY 2017 Vado 5.0 is one of the best Vados ever made by Specialized. The reason being, that machine was designed at a "Euro 45 km/h moped" and it is Type Approved for the EU. Only the top end components have been used for that very model! Funnily enough, the lack of the suspension fork is a good thing there! It makes your Vado lighter, and no low quality suspension fork is there. The 2" Electrak tyres can be run at low inflation (starting from 30 psi) soaking the road bumps ideally!

The purchase of MY 2017 Vado 5.0 with subsequent conversion to TCD-w display was a bargain of my life!


MY 2017 Turbo Vado 5.0 with its owner (a friend of mine) in Helsinki Finland. A 2022 photo. That e-bike was upgraded to the TCD-w in 2020.


MY 2017 Vado 5.0 ST that I ride (April 2022). This e-bike was also upgraded to the TCD-w (Vado 6.0 set) in 2020.
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