Help choosing a mountain bike with a hundred mile range.

LOL and I hate spell check as well! I would love to have my e-bike have a peddle assist 100 mile range with at least a 40 mile throttle as well. Since I live a mile away from work, this means I would charge it once a month!! That would be sweet! Good luck finding the bike!
I've looked at the bulls evoke F's 3 27.5

The bulls is really nice, and one of the largest non-after market battery out there (I think only stromer and the cross current if you upgrade offer bigger batteries). If you run on first level assist, I'm sure 100 miles would be attainable. I'm a big guy and would expect 50-60 miles running at assist level 2 (I've only ridden 5 miles so far, recovering from a back injury and just received the bike).
I've looked at the bulls evoke F's 3 27.5

There is probably one model that can come close to that range but it also depends on the rider's input.
The model is a new M1 Sterzing. You can get a 1100Whr battery for it and it's more than the Stromer ST2-S. It looks cool with top of the line FOX shocks etc.
The only issue is the company is German and the customer service is something we are concerned about. I am still on the fence to order few bikes from M1 to test it out at the store.

M1 Sterzing.png

Alternatively, you could also get a Bosch Speed bike like Haibike Full Seven S pro with two 500Whr batteries. This is a classy bike and the Bosch battery fits in a small backpack. So, if you're not going on a 50+ mile ride, you could use only 1 battery and save some weight.


Both bikes are capable of achieving 28mph top speed. I can certainly say that Haibike has great build quality with superb componentry.
If money is not an issue i will advise M1 Sterzing too. I was lucky enough to try them at interbike . The bike is a sexy machine. and it is so fun to ride .

The only problem is at comes cost of 10K.
The R&M Delite Mountain with dual 500Wh batteries may go close to achieving 100 miles...
I don't think the Delite is the only option for the dual battery with R&M. The Chargers also have a dual battery option and there is a MTB version of the Charger. If you can tolerate a hard-tail then the Charger MTB with dual battery might save you some money over the Delite.
I wish they had an r&m dealer in the Midwest.
Yes, but Propel in NY is an easy day-trip from the Midwest. With my purchase of an R&M from Propel, I'm hoping my local Bosch dealers can service the Bosch stuff and my LBS can service the bike stuff. Maybe in a couple of years we will see some more R&M dealers closer to home.