Help Choosing a bike


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i am looking for something that has a decent speed when petal assisted (pedelec?) that has decent power. i am trying to decide between a few models, want the best bang for my buck.

i noticed this brand but i cant find any reviews for it.

does anyone know anything about it?

i was also thinking about a luna bike but am not very familiar with ebikes and am finding it difficult to decide what bike to get.
Take your time and spend time reading this forum and watching Court's and others reviews of electric bikes, you'll pick up a lot of knowledge. Don't be in a big hurry to by an ebike before you know what you really need and where you'll be using it.
I also caution you about if you really need a speed pedelec. Faster and more powerful isn't always better. Depends where your using it. Number one thing is to be very considerate of other path and trail users.
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It sounds like it might be best to visit a local shop to get a better idea of what bikes might work for you. I would stay away from any bike that doesn't have a proven track record and if it's proprietary make sure you have a well established dealer that's going to be able to support it. Without that you'll end up with a very heavy and expensive paper weight.

Keep in mind that low up front investment or purchase price can often mean higher long term costs of fixing and replacing low quality parts.