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Hey everyone at EBR,

Its been awhile. This site helped me buy my first ebike (I have 3 now) and launch my business. I make the Original Handlebar Jack and I posted way back when here in 2019 when I first started and I am very thankful for the EBR crowd in supporting my endeavor.

We've been on a great journey from making the jacks in our garage to injection molding v2 right here in the USA. I am super excited that we've launch v3 (still made in the USA) just in time for the holiday season. To thank EBR members for your past support and kinds works we have a 25% discount for The Original Handlebar Jacks v3. code: "ebr25" ( ending Nov 10th 2023). Check out the site for all the improvements and thanks again for making this dream into a reality.



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