Haibike Hardnine 7 Creaking/Clicking issue


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United Kingdom
I have a Haibike Hardnine 7 bike which uses the Yamaha PW-ST motor and is less than a month old.
For around a week it’s developed a creak when pedalling under pressure or standing and seems to be from the crank/motor area.

I’ve been on Facebook groups trying to get suggestions and acted upon them but nothing has worked so far!

I’ve tried cleaning and re greasing the motor mounting bolts and torqued back to 22nm. Checked the rear wheel axle. Rode the bike with no seatpost in to rule out saddle/seatpost. Changed pedals to rule those out.

The reason I’m delaying taking the bike back as the obvious choice is because the shop I purchased from is 2 hours drive away and we don’t have a bike carrier meaning it’s a hassle to fit into a VW Golf plus the travelling. So I’m trying anything first hand.
It’s already been in a local bike shop where they said they took the motor out and torqued everything up.

Will hopefully be taking the bike back on Sunday if we have time but willing to try any further suggestions in the meantime to maybe save fuel and potential back and forth trips.

I made a quick video of the noise whilst stationary applying pressure to the pedals. Obviously I don’t pedal backwards when riding and this is for demo only. It does it when peddling forwards and a lot more when I apply full body weight riding. It also does it by simply having 1 foot on the floor and pressing the pedal down so don’t think it’s to do with rider weight.

I was ready to give up and arranged to take the bike back on Sunday but thought I would try one more thing suggested and take the crank arms off to clean and re-grease.
I noticed I needed a tool to take the cranks off and my brother had one so I decided to ride over to his to grab it, just before going sprayed some Muc Off Protect and Shine where the cranks attach to the bracket/motor.
Creaked as usual on the way there. Grabbed the tool and had a chat. Coming home - nothing! Not a sound. Went up a hill to apply pressure, nothing!
Went for a spin up a big climb tonight, nothing!

Muc Off on the crank fixed it! Wtf!?????