Gear wire not long enough & crunchy gears after replacing rear wheel?


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So after this thread gave me the good suggestion to reset to full overdrive on my enviolo gear, I took out the rear wheel and placed it back, using the guide in this video:

Everything went reasonably well, until I had to re-attach the wires coming from the gear knob/handle. At first I couldn't re-seat the small grey bracket, because the wire seemed to be like 1-2 mm too short. Odd because it was plenty long enough before I took out the wheel. So I tried switching gears a little to move the lever around, and I noticed that the gear knob/handle had become crunchy, a very unpleasant feeling. Before it was smooth, always. I also tried pulling a bit on the wires but to no avail, and now the gap is even worse than before.

Any hints on how to fix it? I have to seat the small grey bracket thing into the black plastic hole, but the gear wire is not long enough anymore:


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