Galaxy ST vs. Aurora



I'm on the waiting list for an Aurora.. In the meantime I've been looking at the specs on the Galaxy ST ..

The first thing that jumped out at me was the weight. 46# without the battery vs. 55# for the Aurora. At that weight I could still use my Yakima Two-Timer hitch mounted rack. It's rated for 45# but I don't think 1 pound would be a problem.

The Galaxy has the belt drive and comes in a nice tan color. I would be getting the Aurora in black.

I see in the reviews that you can't engage the throttle on the Galaxy until you reach 6 MPH. I'm not really sure if this is a deal breaker for me or not.

I'm currently using a Hilltopper hub kit on my Trek Shift 2. This gives me instant throttle at an intersection regardless of what gear I'm in.

With the Galaxy I assume I can downshift at a standstill and probably pedal off on my own without the throttle.

Unfortunately I can't really try before I buy so I am asking you folks what you think of the differences between these two bikes.

Thanks, Joe
Joe, I have full throttle from a stop, but I have often started up without it. Yes, you can shift down from a standstill. The weight difference does matter. The Aurora is a bear to lift. I had to make changes to get an upright riding position while the Galaxy comes already set up. I like the fact that the Galaxy also has a torque sensor and the Harmony transmission. The Gates belt is also a nice feature but wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I think the Galaxy is nicer looking, but that is just a personal preference.

The Aurora has front suspension, which will make the ride just a bit smoother, but that isn't critical. Mine is a nice-riding bike, maybe because of the extra weight. The only complaint I have with it is the 250w motor, which doesn't like steep hills. They have now increased the wattage to 500w and 750w.

I will probably buy a Galaxy at some point because it has a lot of features for the money and their CS and warranty are much better than most.

Thanks for the input.. I'm just used to having the instant throttle... but I'm sure I could also get used to pedaling a little.. After all it is a bicycle!

(Thought I'd say it before somebody else did!)

They say with a torque sensor and downshifting it doesn't take much to get going from a stop. I have never ridden with a torque sensor so I can't compare it to a throttle.