Full Fender for Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2


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I just bought a Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2, but haven't received it yet. I am not a fan of the fenders that I see on the bike on their website. I will likely be looking for a full fender that will work. Does anyone have any recommendations?
I really don’t like the way the full fenders look, they work only if they wrap all of the way to back of tire. Any shorter they will sling mud up onto your rack ( if you have one) and if too short ( which most are) you’ll end up with mud and water on your back. I make a flat fender out of ABS plastic 4” wide and around 42” long and attach it with neatly done zip ties and drillEd holes (in plastic) to the bottom of rack and use existing bolt hole(s) in front. It doesn’t look dorky like a full fender does and works great. By the way, you need a rack for this to work.


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I don't like those "Ping Pong Paddles" type fenders either.
Found some "Old Fashion full length fenders" that are 100+ mm wide,
they are across the pond, and they are always "Out of stock".
One of these days I'll get my chance.