Focus BOLD²

Any experiences of Focus BOLD² bikes?
I got to ride it at a private dealer event last summer. It's quite nice, it uses the new Shimano EMTB drive and I was impressed. Definitely a big step up from Shimano's standard Steps system. We're looking forward to its release late this year.
I love my Focus Bold2. It makes a great road bike with Schwalbe Super Moto tyres. My main gripe is the low gearing with the standard 34 tooth chainring which meant that I tended to use mainly high gears and almost never used gears 1 to 5 even when I ride cross country.

I have installed a Deckas 38 tooth narrow wide alloy chainring which has made a big difference. I can now use more of the lower gears. I have ordered a 40 tooth chainring which should be perfect. Shimano make a steel 38 tooth chainring but they cost about $90 in Australia. The Deckas costs about $18 so I can wear a few out for less than the cost of a Shimano ring.

The low gearing has not stopped the bike from reaching 83 kph on steep descents. I have found that the dropper seatpost is great for getting in the aero position on steep descents.

My other minor gripe is the use of an alloy bolt for the seatpost clamp. It snapped the first time I tightened it up. I replaced it with a steel one.