FlyKly Update 5/20/14


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This update provides test ride dates.. The first 2 are in NYC, where I thought EBikes were illegal. I love the government! LOL

"We are happy to let you know that we are starting the test rides. Below are the locations and dates where the first test rides will be available. If you can make it, please sign up.

New York: Friday / May 30th / From 4pm - 7pm / Hudson River Park (West st & Christoper st) SIGNUP

New York: Saturday / May 31st / From 10am - 2pm / Hudson River Park (West st & Christoper st) SIGNUP

San Francisco: Monday / June 2nd / From 4pm - 7pm / Valencia st & 15th St SIGNUP

Los Angeles: Thursday / June 5th / From 4pm - 7pm / Santa Monica Pier bike path SIGNUP

EU test rides will be available in the second half of June. We will announce the dates and locations soon. If you would like to see us in your city, please let us know."
Great update JoePah! Thanks for highlighting the test ride dates and sign up locations. Niko Klansek (the founder of FlyKly) and I metup yesterday for a chat and test ride. I've been hard at work on a FlyKly review with the full writeup and video which is posted just below.

The interview video with Niko is still processing (I'm hanging out at a truck stop in Massachusetts waiting) but it should be up soon and I'll post here when it is :)
Court great job on the video review!

But seriously, compared to all the other eBikes you test, this one seems to have very limited capacity and power, doesn't it?

Hope the Kickstarter supporters are happy with the final product when they start receiving them in the Fall.
But seriously, compared to all the other eBikes you test, this one seems to have very limited capacity and power, doesn't it?
It's not that bad, I guess in my mind it felt good because I was riding an efficient city bike on the flats but that's how I'd use it in real life too. My standards are kind of low, even the 250 watt 8Fun geared hubs get me excited for certain applications and the FlyKly worked really well with the back pedaling regen feature and I love how light and small it all is. My opinion on power is overshadowed by the application and integration I suppose.
It's interesting (not necessarily good or bad) how much the design has changed. It started out narrower and taller, ended up being pretty chunky. And the batteries are changed. The weight is very low, and the total battery capacity is not given. I'm concerned about the batteries spinning around, but I assume they have accounted for this. The published weight is unbelievable. It's like "There's really a motor in there?"

In the year they were developing these self-contained ebike wheels (with the Copenhagen/MIT) it seems like mid-drive became the buzz. Now there is mid-drive with Nuvinci and the automatic Nuvinci or the Nuvinci that maintains your heart rate. It's kind of the Wild West out there.


Model for sale (later this year):