First Ride: 20 miles this morning to work out the kinks...


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I put the bike together yesterday afternoon and charged it last night. This morning's ride was a shakedown to see if everything worked as advertised.

Things I noticed:

The front fender was not in a good place as it rattled a bit. The fix was to attach it behind the front caliper instead of the front.

No other noticeable rattles other than fender

The front brakes need an adjustment for spacing

The backlit light on the display did not work properly. Couldn't get it to level 3. Researching this one.

The Nuvinci gear hub has a sweet spot in each of the pedal assist modes, depending on the incline.

All in all, an enjoyable ride. I am brand new to e-bikes and wanted to purchase a commuter so I could put my truck away for the fall. I have a 10 mile ride to work and this is going to make it a lot more enjoyable.

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