Evo 29er


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Seems like the last review of the new line to come in. I'm pretty sure it will either be the 9er or the Cross for me.
Anyone got anything?

I just bought the evo cross (L) and evo 27.5 (L)
My friend bought the evo Jet (M)
I use the evo cross for daily use and equipped it with sporty fenders and a rack. This bike gives the best on road handling and feels light compared to the mtb's.
I initially went to buy the Cross, but when I saw the 29er ( great graphics ) i had doubts. The 29er is a great looking bike with the better components, but in my frame size ( large ) this bike was 'heavy', 'big' and less handling than the cross or 27.5er
For me:
- Cycling fun /onroad: Evo Cross
- Mtb fun / handling: Evo 27.5

29er: great looking bike, great graphics and awesome package, but too 'big'

JR - Belgium
It's hard to beat Easy Motion's looks, quality and price. Batteries have gotten a little bigger also, I just wish Easy Motion offered a 15+ah battery. It would save from taking a spare battery for a serious all day ride. Carrying an EM battery would be difficult.

Bought a 27.5 just before Christmas and now done 2,200km riding to & from work daily (40km/day). Extremely happy with the bike.