Eunorau maxcargo 2.0 - vibration issues?


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If anyone can give their ideas what the problem is with this, I'd really appreciate it. I'm getting very poor support from seller/dealer. I'm not quite ready to blast their name, but I'm getting close...

Brand new Max Cargo 2.0, first battery charge got about 16-18 miles, flat terrain, sidewalks, etc., worked fine, no issues. Pretty pleased.
2nd batt charge, after a couple miles, started getting annoying frame vibration only when load on the motor, throttle steady at a speed above half or so, or accelerating. And the battery drained much quicker with the vibration, only got about 10 miles. Vibration is a bit intermittent though, because it went away on the 3rd charge and battery lasted close to normal.
Now on the 4th charge, vibration is there, quite strong and noticing the pedal assist is only there at the beginning of the ride and stops working.
Seller is demanding I send them a video of the vibration.
Uh, how do I do that exactly?
How do I video the pedal assist not working?
This thing is less than 2 weeks old.
Any ideas on what is wrong with this thing? From other reviews I've seen, they aren't going to take it back. So I might need to fix it.
You can try the Eunorau FB group as a backup. I haven't seen many useful responses here or there from Eurnorau but might get some more exposure and help from other users.
Thanks very much. I am quite frankly shocked at the stonewalling I'm getting from the dealer. And I don't think they even realize their demand for "a video" for any and all problems is illegal. A customer can't be expected to have high tech sensing equipment (vibration, lack of pedal assist, etc.) to prove they have a problem. Unbelievably dishonest. All I'm asking is they replace whatever bad part is causing the problem. Not replace the whole bike.
Thanks again.