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I just listed and sold 2 ebikes on Ebike Search. I'd like to make a couple of comments as I'm not on Facebook where most of the Bolton and I assume Ebike Search Users hangout.

First there are very few listings thus far and they are very spread out geographically. I am assuming the search traffic volume is low but I would have no way of knowing because there is no views data provided to the sellers. There is also no shipping calculator or shipping services offered or even suggested so you're on your own in that regard.

They only accept payment via Paypal. Since Bolton charges a listing fee and they then collect almost that same amount as a
"payment processing fee" for Paypal the net to me for a $3500 sale was $3200. So if you're going to use Ebike Search be sure to account for 10% of the sale price as fees for the listing/transaction.

Finally, someone can purchase your bike via a 1 button click and the buyer pays Paypal. Ebike Search (Bolton) is immediately paid their 5%+ commission via Paypal. The rest of the funds are held by Paypal until the seller can prove delivery with shipping confirmation but there is no shipping service offered and there is no allowing for the Buyer to direct pick up the bike so your money sits in Paypal as "on hold" unit the buyer somehow releases the funds (all of that process is blind to the seller). Good news is Bolton is paid when the sale occurs, not once the entire transaction is completed and the buyer and seller are both satisfied. Good deal for Bolton and in actuality, the delivery and seller/buyer satisfaction is not their problem.

While I think this is an interesting concept, at this juncture it is clearly not ready for primetime. I sold 2 bikes but there were many issues and the Ebike Search Team is not readily available to answer questions. I priced my bikes fairly aggressively and that is why they "sold". There really isn't much value add as opposed to a Craigs List or Ebay listing other than a supposed ebike dedicated audience. Again I would have no way of knowing how much traffic they get but based upon the duration of most of the listings there, in a very hot used ebike (or just about anything) market, it seems to be light traffic at best.
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