Eagle lithium

Dan j

New Member
So I've had my eagle for a month and I love it. Have it set in turbo mode. I like the offroad mode too but the app limits me to 50 percent power. I get about 40 real life kms out of a charge in turbo mode. Rain, mud no problem. Even driving up steeper grades are no problem. I got some cheap saddle bags and a tough tool bag on the back rack. There are a few things that given the chance I would change. 1 is the rear suspension. Because the bike is lithium it doesnt have alot of weight. This causes the rear suspension to be rough and choppy not sure if upgrading the rear shocks will help. Omg extras has a set so maybe. 2, The speedo stops at 35kph. Even though I'm doing 49.5 by gps. 3, the rear fender comes loose all the time. If it's not one side it's the other. Thread lock isnt the answer. I notice that the placement of the fender interferes with the rear shocks. Not sure if I can change that. 4, not much storage. I need my gloves sometimes while I'm driving so in front of the seat I removed 1 bolt and bent the grill out and it works for me as a glove slot. I have gotten alot of positive feed back while I'm on the bike. Most have no idea its electric. I love the old school look that the eagle provides. Its unique. But if you ride on the roads, I do suggest carrying a plug kit and a small compressor. I've already had 2 punctures because the shoulders are littered with debris from other motorist misfortunes. I'd like to go faster but I also like getting on the pathways so modifying my eagle isnt gonna happen.