Does the Dost use torque or cadence sensors?


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I think the Bafang BBSO2 uses only caden sensors, but I'm not sure. I really like the Dost bikes, but a cadence sensor is a deal killer for me.

Which is it? Thanks.
This is what Electricbikereview review said in their review.

"DOST Bikes has outfitted the Drop with a mid-drive 750W Bafang motor with 1000W of peak power and 120Nm of torque. This hearty motor is mounted low and centered on the bike. The motor relies on a 24 magnet cadence sensor to provide just the right amount of assist and also connects to a Bafang mid-motor gear sensor that shuts off motor power when you shift gears. This reduces torque on your drivetrain which can put tension on the chain or even bend/chip the teeth on the rear cassette. The combination of the cadence sensor, gear sensor and 9 gear system makes riding the Drop feel very smooth and fluid. The motor system has been well-engineered to provide seamless power that is gentle on the drivetrain."
Here is the one from EBR also saying it is cadence not torque.
  • "The Bafang BBS02 is known for being reliable, fairly quiet, and very powerful, but it only utilizes pedal cadence signals vs. cadence and torque. This means that motor power output isn’t as fluid or dynamic, based on how hard you push on the pedals. You get more power by either clicking + on the button pad or pressing the throttle. Still, the cadence sensor uses 24 magnets vs. 12 and felt very responsive during my ride tests"
Cadence with 24 magnets instead of 12, and apparently the CVT version is dialed in to be extra sensitive to reduce lag times.
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