Does anyone have the igo outland royal?

I am, though there were a few hiccups that annoyed me. I had some rust early on on some bolts as well as the chain, but I bike in the rain often, and leave the bike half covered when locked up.

After about 2 months my front light stopped working, a basic Buschel, likely due to water seepage. IGO offered to send me a new one but i haven't received it yet; it's been over a year now. I bought a handlebar light from Amazon for 30$ Canadian and it works just fine, even in pouring rain.

The only other bike I've ever owned is a Pedego City Commuter, the 36V 400Watt version. I still have it. Its a great ride, but the battery is dead and a replacement is way too much. The IGO is much Torquier, the motor is great on hills. The components have so far impressed and disappointed. The trigger shifters are smooth and far superior to the big knob style shifters, and the drivetrain is very responsive. I oil my chain like 2 times a year and its still in great shape. The tires roll surprisingly fast, they don't drag as much as I thought they would, though be careful in the rain, they are pretty average in slick conditions. Being 4 inches certainly helps.

On the con side I'd say the seat is a bit cheap and thinly padded; the light is flimsy and not water resistant to speak of; and the tektro aries brakes, mechanical, are pretty weak sauce. They'll stop ya, but I feel they are a little under powered and basic. Mine require frequent adjustments. the adjustments can be annoying to affect on the go, requiring tools and getting grease on your hands. Whereas the BB7's on the Pedego are my dream brakes. Adjusted with a plastic knob, and unparalleled stopping power. I'm trying to find a set for this bike.

Battery range is good, but on the highest setting or throttle only I get only 18km or so before I'm in the danger zone (less than 20% battery). I did do a 35km ride, quite hilly, on assist 7 and 8 out of 9 and had 50% remaining. I generally pedal lightly. Speed off the line is great, top speed is reached fast.

Let me know if there is anything else.