Do Bosch chargers fail?

My 4 amp charger gets quite warm, even hot while charging so decided to try something to keep it cooler. Having an electronics background and knowing heat is a major cause of failures, as an experiment I attached 2 copper heatsinks from computer CPUs to the charger using heatsink compound and added a small fan powered by an adapter (wall wart). The charger now runs much cooler so the experiment was a success. Looks ugly but this will be how I use it from now on.

I have a 2 and 4. The 2 gets hotter than the 4 for whatever reason. I charge with it if I'm not in a hurry 'cause longevity.

I have tried putting a fan in front of the 2 and it keeps it cool to the touch. I don't usually do it, but you could probably skip the external coolers & just use the fan :)
Millions of people using it in Europe with no issues. Bosch is the largest automotive supplier worldwide and the biggest in the eBike business in Europe, selling these charges for over 10 years.

You would think they know their business, but no, here comes this one guy with an "electronics background" who knows better.

That made my day today 🤣🤣🤣
What kind of background do you have?
What kind of background do you have?
You could always look at their post history (even though most of the last year is still MIA from the forum sw update).

Most of their posts are very direct and sometimes frustratingly short on details but they obviously know what they are talking about with the Bosch system. For one thing, I don't know anyone else on EBR who has gotten the Bosch battery BMS to work with his own battery pack.
What kind of background do you have?
Master in electric engineering, Bosch certified for over 10 years. Started 2012 making and selling tuning chips, too.
And for the guys who bought Bosch motors from me, ask them how their motors with that configuration are performing.
Always happy to read funny things.
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For your information heat in electronics definitely shortens the life of components such as capacitors, resistors, solid state devices. I have repaired 1000s' of devices over the years and in many cases, heat was the culprit. So yes, A guy who is a certified electronics tech knows something about what he stated. I never said that anything was wrong with the charger or that Bosch doesnt know what they are doing but implementing a simple thing to reduce heat of any device is always worthwhile and I do it all the time. I am big into audio and any amps that create heat I put a fan on top. Simple and easy thing to extend the life of components. And no need to get snarky.
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