Diy customization / unlocking to Oraimo Monster 100 (amazon bike)


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I purchased this 500$ bike from amazon, and it runs great and the everything is doing wonderful. But I wanted to get a bit more out of it, I read up online that a lot of bikes have work around like changing tire size, or simply adding more via some options.

This bike has the KM3209 display, the documentation on this display says that you can get to the options and change tire size, and even unrestrict it by adding more power. Unfortunately there is a hard lock via ORAIMO production line. I was wondering if there is any way to get around this software lock so that I can get to these options? I've tried everything that I know of.

Also would buying a KM3209 from the manufacture and replacing it would work as a last resort? I'd like to get more power out of it since I am making my commutes on private property the 20 mph speed laws don't apply. I also know the motor can definitely go over 20, these motors have gone up to 35-40 from my research, and this feels reasonable as it still has a lot of power at 19-20 right before it stops acceleration.

I tried to get in contact with their support but they where not willing to help.

Thank you for any replies and feedback. take care.