Differences in Fat Bear and Fat Bear Plus

I checked Rattan website but they don't even have it. https://www.rattanebike.com/
I have been on their website chat for past two days, called and left voice mails and texted also. Waste of time. I found a like new Rattan ebike that was a decent buy. Seller didn't know if the bike was a 2019 regular Fat Bear or the Fat Bear Plus so he gave me the serial/VIN number on the bike and the date ordered but didn't have the actual order number. I proceeded to provide the info to Rattan by the above means in order to find out whether the ebike was the regular or plus model and whether the warranty would transfer. I finally got one reply via the chat that said they couldn't find the bike in their records because the number I gave them was not recognized as a valid order number. DUH! I explained to them once again that the number was the VIN number off the bike and not an order number. No reply after approximately 8 hours. I was supposed to meet the seller at 6 pm to purchase the bike subject to obtaining the info from Rattan. Didn't happen and I didn't get the bike. Frustrated.
Fat bear plus has a color screen and regen. Fat bear has black/white screen and no regen ( although all that it needed to be be a plus was the different screen/power switch which Rattan used to sell separate I bought the regular fat bear then bought the screen a year later to get the regen (screen also adds a USB out and a few more settings you can change).