Daymak Eagle Deluxe 8v or Eagle Lithium


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Hello All,

I'm new to ebikes and have very little knowledge or experience to make the right choice. I recently walked into the ebikeuniverse store and purchased the Urban SE carbon ebike. Did not like it at all, very stiff and uncomfortable and the battery only lasted 20kms.
The store was very kind and agreed to exchange the bike for something more appropriate for me and my commute. I am 6' and 240lbs. My commute is approximately 40kms round trip, however there are some tricky hills depending on which route I take. I would say an average of 10% incline coming back home.
Yesterday after returning the urban SE bike I bought the beast 2. Began my commute back home going uphill on a very slight incline (Maybe 4%) and the thing could not reach more than 15KPH even on setting 3. I brought it back right away. I'm now looking at the eagle deluxe 84v but noticed that the 84v is 260lbs and lead acid batteries don't function as well as lithium. I also noticed there is a 72v lithium version that weighs only 190lbs.
My question here is would it make more sense for me to get the one with 84v lead acid or 72v lithium keeping in mind my commute home is mostly hills at an average of 10%, i weigh 240lbs and I would like to commute over the winter as well provided the streets are cleared.

Many Thanks
I bought the eagle lithium and I love it. Better range. More pep. It does ride a bit rough but I'm ok with that. It's better to buy the bike with lithium because they charge 2g for just the lithium battery
Hi All,
I just bought a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84V - Any luck with the Daymak Drive App and getting a higher max speed on the scooter?