Cube 2022 Fold Hybrid


So Cube is introducing its first folder based on the Cube Compact Hybrid which Court reviewed favorably. Check it out:

The Cube Fold Hybrid will be available in both belt drive/5-speed gear hub and chain/derailleur (Sport) versions.

The Sport version gets a Bosch Active Plus mid-drive. The 5-speed IGH gets the Bosch Performance motor. Seems like pretty awesome specs for a folder and I love the handle they incorporated at the bottom of the downtube. The belt drive version might just be that elusive folder I’ve been waiting for!

(So I had the above listed in the New Technology forum, but thought it should be posted here as well. Would love to hear your thoughts and insights about Cube’s new compact folder, thanks!)
I have a cube mtn ebike I love. Was thinking about the Cube compact for run around stuff. The folder look interesting but not here in the US yet