Child seat for Evelo Aurora Limited or Galaxy 500

M&M Mama

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My husband and I are looking to purchase the Evelo Aurora Limited and Galaxy 500 and just wondering if anyone has put a child seat on either bike. What brand/model and how did it fit? I know that Evelo recommends using a trailer instead, but curious if anyone has mounted a child seat? Thanks.
Two years and a few months later, and I have a similar question. Would the Shotgun or Shotgun Pro fit an Atlas? What did you end up doing?

Edit 8/9: With no answer here, I went ahead and bought a Shotgun Pro. It works very well, though mounting the kid handlebars over the display screen was tricky. I had hoped not to spend $300 on this, but in the end it is well made and will last for a long time, is quite adjustable, can be removed and moved to other bikes as needed, etc.
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