build my own e-bike?


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i've been looking at the sondors really hard. i like the price. it definitely provides the best bang for your buck. but i don't like the specs. most people seem to agree, i will not hit 20mph nor will i get 40-50 miles with pedal assist. another thing i don't like is the over priced LCD and low quality controller and motor. but for $500, it is a damn good deal when compared to most other bikes in the $2000-3000 range. and the price range on the bikes with the specs i want is $5000-8000. i thought about buying a sondors and making a few upgrades. but this kinda defeats the purpose of buying a cheap $500 bike. i would also basically be buying parts twice. which doesn't make sense at all. after thinking about this i started looking at it like building a computer. i've been building my own for years cause you end up with a better product for a better price. i think this is the approach i should take with my e-bike. but to be honest i know very little about this market. regardless, i feel it's the best approach cause i can probably have the specs of those $8000 bikes for $3000. so i'm gonna start looking in to this seriously and consider my options. i obviously have tons of questions but i'm going to start with the basics, parts. let me know if i am missing anything and feel free to contribute any knowledge or suggestions you might have.

regenerative braking
LCD display
twist throttle
hydraulic brakes
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I bought a factory made ebike, no regrets but I do plan on building one now that I know a bit more. I picked up a front suspension equipped mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes and plan on putting a Bafang mid drive motor on it, hopefully this winter sometime. dont worry about the regenerative braking unless theres big hills in the area. I think a twist throttle would be nice since I come from a motorcycle background but consensus on these forums seems to prefer a thumb throttle. My BionX equipped bike has a thumb throttle and I find it impossible to modulate so it,s either full on or off when I do use it.