Brand new X3 Pro wallke

Yank mcruff

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2023 wallke x3 pro...Controller won't let me power it up right from the beginning then they said loose n it ..I loosened it and then it had more problems ...they sent me a new one and I'm still having the same problem. I turned it on and off five times then shut it off last night this morning no power. loosened it it's almost falling off the handlebar and it still won't power up. I sent them a video I don't know if they'll get to the engineers. I've been having problems with this bike. I enjoy riding this .. there's no odometer ...I turned it on the and it shuts off when I exit the screen. if anybody know anything that could help. They told me they weren't having problems but I find it hard to believe they use the same equipment on all the bikes the new ones anyway . Could it be the ignition? thank you for reading this
Trying to follow what you are saying, but clearly there is a problem with your terminology.

I THINK you might be talking about the display. That's the part that usually fastens to the handlebars, not the controller. Have you checked to make sure all the wiring connectors are fully plugged into each other?

And the odometer, that's resetting every time you power down? Those suck IMHO, but there are some out there that do that. Not sure you can fix that.

The bike has no ignition.....