You should think twice before you buy this amazing looking bike the X3 Pro after 2 years bike shows and research led me to order the bike

Yank mcruff

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The bike would never turn on I was in contact with the manufacturer I think which told me to loosen the controller the three button controller which I did and it would turn on they sent me a controller that one didn't turn on I figured it was too cold I used the heat gun and it did work electric hair dryer that made it turn on also and finally I could breathe on it and hold my hand against the color monitor to get it to turn on. They sent me a new three button and a new monitor controller now I have error 101 coming up I've had nothing but problems with this bike and I researched for a year and a half and thinking this is the bike for me it's fun to ride you get a lot of people talking about it and giving compliments but it's been a pain in the ass and now when I told him error 101 comes up they don't even talk to me anymore I told him I want to authorization return I can't even find the site that I bought it from which was on Amazon. I will be in a continuous motion of making these videos to make the buying public aware there is no quality control they didn't test this bike they couldn't have