BMW C Evolution electric scooter


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94 Ah battery should interest any ebike enthusiasts; an example of power density that will transform all EV's
only $20,494 - what a bargain! LOL

Big Money Waster

As far as power density goes I doubt an e bike would ever need a 94ah battery as it would weigh a lot no matter what the battery tech is and because they have pedals.

When I see this type of concept being touted as the "future of transportation" I am sorry but personally I don't see that to be the case. Cost alone and the fact that it turns in to a brick on wheels when the battery dies is a big strike against it. YMMV and I am not trying to be argumentative, just my observation.
@JRA & @E-Wheels & @RoadWrinkle, Court has a companion site,, where he occasionally posts reviews of electric scooters, motorcycles & e-mopeds. The Forum for that site is this site, so it's OK to post about electric vehicles with no pedals here ;)

It seems to me that this BMW product is very speculative and will be quite a bit different once more testing is done. Lots of companies, including ebike manufacturers make one or two items that are more a PR gizmo intended to stir interest and rarely make it to market.

Please everyone, relax a bit.
The article says the 94Ah battery is taken from the i3 which currently 33kWh. That is HUGE! The i3 claims 114mile range. In motorcycle form this could be push close to 300 miles range. This is DOUBLE the battery of even the largest Zero motorcycle! If it does cost $20k and is actually 33kWh. This would be a bargain.
That saddle does not look comfortable...

If you want an electric motorcycle, you don't have to wait several years for BMW to produce one. Zero Motorcycles has been selling them for years.

The rock-hard saddle is mentioned in a review at VisForVoltage. To me, a rock-hard saddle is a deal-breaker, even if this electric ride was priced at only $3,000. Why? The brain-jarring can cause physical and mental injury. Just like a boxer getting slugged, imo.

As an older-wiser fellow, two things matter the most:

- No brain-jarring. i.e. why older people ride Cadillacs
- No air pollutants .. no COPD; the rider will live longer on electric

Also, read the woes of big e-scooter owners in VisForVoltage before spending any more than $4K on any e-cycle. Buy simple e-scooters.

The scooter form factor is the safest, by far, of any 2-wheeled transportation, according to studies.