Bike Sunday, highway closed out so cyclists can have 4 hours of fun!

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Bike Sunday at the Bronx River parkway (New York). Thirteen mile round trip on a closed out highway just for cyclists to enjoy 4 hours of fun. I did 3.5 round trips today (close to 50 miles).
I followed the guy that zipped by in the first part of the video behind Mark Tulis while he was speaking, black bike with aero handle bars and aero rear wheel and he topped at 33 MPH. (I rode a 2015 Raleigh Tekoa with TanzX mid drive).
I just completed another bike Sunday ride today at the Bronx River Partkway (NY). I did 4 rounds (52 miles) with a ride time of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Average speed for the ride was 18.9 mph. For the first time, I never touched the throttle and the mileage for the battery was significantly better (15-20% better).