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So, as you can tell from my other posts I did a lot of buying before researching. And another things Im not 100% happy about, is the bike itself.

This all started when my mtb got stolen from the train station. I decided to go for an ebike and ride all the way to work.

When summer came around I ordered a bbs02 and then bought the cheapest bike at the bike shop.

this one: but it was even cheaper at the time.
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

I got a 'girls' bike cause I have a kids seat on the back and its a pain to hope over the bar when the kid is all seated.....but this lead to the problem that the battery didnt fit where I wanted it to go so I mounted it higher up the bike,

There is no suspension, cause it was cheap, but im starting to think its best to have suspension. Even when Im cruising I going faster then my normal ride speed and Im noticing the ride to work can be rather ruff.

So, sometime in the future I'm thinking of getting a better bike and moving the kit over. Im thinking of going dual suspension and my question is:

Anyone have a good dual suspension suggestions? one where the battery will fit down low.

Or am I completely wrong and dual suspension is a not the best for ebikes

I too run about those pressures on my fatbike. If everything was smooth no suspension would be needed. I too will be looking for a dual suspension frame for that new motor coming this way
Im about to pull the trigger on a mondraker dune 2010. The mondraker foxy from 2014 and previous will also fit the battery in large frame size. Also all the older mondraker full sus bikes have 73mm BB . The dune has 160mm of travel all round so plenty.
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