Bike carrier for a (class 1) 1.25" hitch


My 2016 KIA Soul can only accept a 1.25" hitch. Which bike carrier might handle my Radwagon and not be very difficult to get the bike on the rack? Thanks for your help.
I think a lot of carriers can handle either hitch (usually have an adapter). I'd look for the carrier you want and confirm it can adapt. I think my Subaru is a 1.25 and I have the Thule EasyFold (there is a thread on this forum devoted to it). The EasyFold came with an adapter to fit 2" hitches as well.
I bought the Kuat NV 2.0 rack (gray and orange) but you can get the base which doesn't have the trail doc (you can't use it with 60lb bike anyway..)

can be had for $500 on amazon. Lots of great features and also comes in a 1.25" option

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
A platform type rack would be easier to load the Radwagon compared to a hanging rack.

I have a Saris Freedom SuperClamp 4 bike platform rack for a 2" hitch I like very much. It has clamps for the front and back tires with straps for the tire platforms to keep the bike very stable. Saris makes two 1 1/4 platform rack for 2 ebikes at 60lbs each.

Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 (clamps for tires): (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
Saris Freedom 2 (center bar to secure on downtube):

I have my platforms that support the tires at max distances apart for my Radrover. Saris does mark an extra long wheel base bike arm for bikes up to 57 inch wheelbase:

The only issue I see if you pick the SuperClamp model is trying to secure the Radwagon rear tire with the rack+fender+bag. Picking a platform rack with a center bar to secure on the down tube will work better.

Saris Rack on my smaller SUV with wheel platforms at max distance apart. I added extra 4-way lights because the fat tires blocked the rear lights.

Saris with RadRover.jpg
I asked etrailer and the response was that there is no carrier for 60lb bikes that safely works with a 1.25" hitch. I asked specifically about the saris freedom, but according to Sam at etrailer it's a no-go. Good job the bike fits easily into the back of the car when folded!
search the forum there are threads that list some models that do 60lbs/bike on 1.25, my out of date Saris Pro does, the Thule does also..there are others
I'll take a look - youd think it would work -- I have a two bike rack that can carry 70lb total, but states very clearly only 35lb per bike. I'll also get Sam's opinion and why as a massive seller of trailers and hitches he was so certain he couldn't provide one. A rack would be more convenient at times for sure but I don't want insurance issues if it falls off.
OK confirmed with them that htese racks *are* supported for ebikes -- there's some issue around 'class 1' and ebikes, but these are fine. BTW Kuat NV2 can current;y be had for 430.
Opted for a Saris Freedom 2 with a pair of fatbike adapters. Works great -- some sites still show bike limit at 35lbs per, but it's in fact 60lbs per bike and my mini doesn't seem to give it any problems. I went for the no-clamping version, but note that there's only one option to strap the frame tube to the rack upright (just next to the bike hinge) -- but it does work well and at ~$240 seems good value.