BEST bicycle lock ..!!

Ha! That's awesome... The dog reminds me of one of those Chinese lion statues that have their paws resting on the world or the baby cub (often situated in front of Chinese restaurants). Fun fact, apparently the male is controlling the world and the female is controlling the family but many US based Chinese restaurants only have one statue so the subtlety is lost.

I guess man's best friend is proving himself again with this video. I love how he jumps up and rides along on that rear rack! He even barks when he's ready to go :)

I sure wouldn't want to mess with an angry dog protecting his or her owner's bike. Last year I was riding my bike through an apartment complex in Austin and I heard barking and saw a dog running up towards me. I thought he was running away from his owner and wanted to help so I slowed my bike and reached out to let him smell my hand but then he bit me! I recoiled, jerking my hand back but then he tore into my left calf and started shaking. The feeling was electric and I knew instantly what was happening, it felt primal. I kicked him back and rode away but was unsure of his health so I went to the local hospital where they scheduled four follow up appointments where I got a total of 15 rabies shots. The whole thing cost $2K (even after insurance) and was such a bummer. Apparently since there are many bats in Austin, the bats will sometimes bite dogs or other animals and pass rabies on so they do a lot of vaccinations. I guess it's the kind of sickness that you can't cure once it's taken hold.

I dug up some old photos of the bite and the funky pink fluids in the shots they gave me for preventing rabies. Each appointment had three of these that went in the arms, legs or butt cheek. Not the happiest time but at least I lived!



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Great video Ravi . Sorry about your attack Court.I've been wondering why I haven't been approached by any dog in awhile while riding the other day. This is the technique I use, If I sense a dangerous dog approaching I stop as fast as possible and get off my bike and place between dog and myself. The dog knows you are vulnerable if you try to race away and will try to bite your leg. When you stop and get off MOST dogs will know your in charge now. Just hold handlebars and seat. If the dog attacks pick up your bike and aproach dog keeping your bike between you and dog. If dog is really dumb, and lunges at me, the dog gets the pedal crank brought down on the neck. With an electric bikes weight, it will be hard to manuvere , but I'm sure the adrenalin will help. Be safe.
You wont have any problems using this method.
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