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Hi all,
A few general questions as part of an ongoing Bionx thing,
I am trying unlock my PL 350 HT rr system (2013) I have the BIB ( from Bionx Legacy) and some BBI software, it works and get an interface screen but I cannot derestrict the 25km speed limit or the 250w limit on the motor. Can anyone help?
The system is on a Yuba Boda Boda

Also has anyone used this system to unlock: JUM-Ped for BionX ?, it is my B option if all else fails

Hi Matholden, how're you! Have you got answered your question? Did you enabled debugging in Bbi2 ?
You have to enable DEBUG mode in the top menu, and than you can change the speed limit, just remember to do it both on the console and on the motor.