Aurora Limited vs. Omega


I have an "old" Galaxy ST and my wife has a new Galaxy 500. I'm looking to up grade to either the Aurora Limited or the Omega.

I like the Aurora's battery placement; on top instead of underneath the tube, the front suspension, already comes with a rack, and the same Harmony shifter I already have,.

I like the Omega's lighter weight.

We do travel with our bikes a lot with them on a hitch mounted carrier. Not sure how muck difference 7 going to make.

Anyway I would appreciate any input you guys might have

Thanks, Joe
Tough call. The Omega is a more modern design and I really like their dual battery option (currently 50% off on the 2nd battery purchase). Range anxiety is a PITA and buying a bike with 70-100 mile range potential is a big consideration for me. I like to ride 40-50 miles 3-4 days a week and a dual battery option bike is the only way to do that "comfortably" at my advanced age (71). Most 1 battery ebikes cap out at 30-40 miles max and it can be much less in adverse conditions.
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We owned both, but the wife just got her Omega in early October (without the optional battery). The Aurora LTD has the advantages when comparing standard features (handlebar cadence control, rear luggage rack, front suspension) but we do like the more modern look of the Omega. We just finished a 30 mile ride on flat paved trails and the battery is still showing 50%. After 30 miles on the Aurora, we would usually be down to 1 bar (out of 5) of battery life, so I'm convinced that the Omega range is superior. Handling and feel is pretty much the same between the two.
@KnobbyGuy Your single battery range is very encouraging, @ what level(s) of assist?. It's nice to have a battery percentage on the display rather than just the bars.
The 30 miles of trails are essentially flat and assist levels are at 1 or 2 (out of 5). So, not very extreme, but these conditions are very similar to the 1000 miles that we put on our Aurora's that would typically be on the last bar after 30 miles. (we never had to push the limits beyond 30 miles with the Aurora's so it's hard to say how much they really had left when that last bar was showing on the display)