Aurora Limited = = real-world Battery Range

I'm interested in hearing what other Aurora Limited owners are seeing for maximum Battery Range.

I had an original production Aurora Limited Edition [ALE].
While I never ran that battery to the forced shutdown I did do several trips in the 34'ish mile range and was always feeling very uncomfortable expecting the bike to shutdown power assist at anytime.

I'm now riding a 2022 Aurora Limited as the ALE was stolen in 2020/21 (can't remember) and after trying a 20-inch wheel folder I've returned to the full-size AL model. The '22 is not identical to the ALE, let's say 96% the same. One item that is identical is the battery and I happen to have the ALE Battery.

Having two batteries has allowed me to be more carefree when planing >30 mile trips.
I still have not run either battery down to the point the bike stopped power assist.

My Aurora Data:
So far I've got two >30 mile trips completed
. . . . on the first I switched batteries at 34-miles. The Dapu display had no bars, just the red led on the battery.
. . . . on the second I switched batteries at 37-miles. The Dapu display still had one bar while the battery was just the red led.

For both bike models the above range miles are on paved bike paths.
I expect riding on a paved rails-2-trails route would provide some % higher range.
However, nearly all my rails-2-trails rides have been on sand/gravel/dirt so the range took huge hits with the ALE/AL street tires
Similar results here in Ohio. The wife was on her 2022 ALE and I was riding my new Atlas. We put 30 miles on our local 'Rails to Trails' paved path and she ended up with one bar on the display and one red bar on the battery. She rides primarily at PAS 2 except for a few short/steep hills near our home.
BTW - I had 44 miles on my Atlas battery (some miles from previous ride) and my display showed 20% battery life remaining.
Sounds like the ALE isn't very efficient? I have a Trek Allant+ 8s, 625 watt battery. My most common lunch ride is about 16 miles with lots of climbing, about 1500 feet. I use at most about 20% of the battery. OTOH, I probably average about 12 MPH (you don't want to go fast on a windy gravel road...).
Maybe speed is the issue, since it's a well known range reducer?
Wind, hills, and speed can certainly make a difference. PAS level is also a big factor. Our ride yesterday was closer to 20 mph. My 2019 ALE seemed to do better but I was usually at PAS 1. It's funny, but with my original motor, PAS 1 was great but the wife had to use PAS 2 to keep up. When I changed out the noisy motor (under warranty), it seemed like I needed to run PAS 2 more often!
I also have the original production ALE. My experience is similar to the earlier posts. However, I changed the Innova tires to the Schwalbe Super Moto-X (26"x2.4") because I wanted better puncture resistance. The Schwalbe tires increased the rolling resistance about 7% so I had a corresponding decrease in mileage. I typically ride until the display shows one flashing bar and then go maybe another couple of miles before stopping the ride. I never rode until the battery shut off. My farthest trip with the one flashing bar was 33 miles on flat terrain and asphalt trails. I weigh about 210 lbs and always keep the assist at PAS 2. I also liberally use the throttle. FYI, as a test, I once rode my bike without pedaling and only using the throttle I got about 20 miles before the flashing bar appeared. My average speed for that ride was about 13 mph. An earlier comment by RetiredNH on how the ALE is not very efficient is correct. The main culprit is the Enviolo hub which might be 20% less efficient than say a Rohloff hub or certainly a common derailleur.