Anyone get glasses at Costco?

I ordered some progressive lenses from Zenni, and the lenses are useless. The progressive part changes too steeply and the viewing section is too narrow. But for single-vision lenses Zenni is fine.

My wife got an exam and glasses at Costco. She complains that she doesn't see as well as she thinks she ought, but I can't convince her to spend the money for a new exam and pair at a regular optometrist's office.

Before Costco she tried Stanton Optical which is even cheaper, and the results were simply horrible. The optometrist did the exam remotely, and he ignored my wife's complaints that the corrections he presented were not right (I was in the room and witnessed this).
If you’re ordering progressive lenses online, it’s a real crapshoot. You need the assistance of a professional to be properly fitted, as even a slight error in placement of the progressive zone in relation to your pupils, either vertically or horizontally, will cause them to be less helpful than normal, or even unwearable. Even a professional can make mistakes, but at least they can troubleshoot and correct any issues, and the wholesale labs warranty the products against such errors.

Of course, you might get lucky, but it’s a gamble if you’re buying online. By the way, I’m retired from a career in the wholesale laboratory side of the ophthalmic business. I may be slightly biased, but I no longer have any financial interest that might impact my advice.

On a related note, I recently purchased a new pair of lenses for myself. They were completely useless (distance vision was not good, and reading was nearly impossible, so I went back to the optometrist for a re-exam. Turned out he’d made a significant change to my Rx which I couldn’t tolerate, and his optician had changed the progressive design selection. The optical laboratory made a new pair of lenses to the corrected Rx in a design closer to the old, now-discontinued design, at no cost to the doctor, and we’re both happy now. Had I used an online service, this process would have likely resulted in much frustration, with no savings or perhaps even added cost.
Yes cheap progressives are bad, I was told the usual 10 to 15 days for my order from my medical group but I just got them today and I got fitted Tuesday.
Yes cheap progressives are bad, I was told the usual 10 to 15 days for my order from my medical group but I just got them today and I got fitted Tuesday.

When I ran labs, our average processing time was 2-2.5 days for finished eyewear, and <1 day for uncuts (lenses that the retailer would cut to the frame specs), but those were averages and didn’t include delivery time or our wait-time for the frame if it was coming from the customer. There were definitely outliers, which is why they tell you 10-15 days.

Occasionally it would take so long to get the required special-order blanks, or the prescription was so difficult to process that we would have to “practice” a couple of times, and the consumer would cancel with their practitioner. We knew to hold onto the lenses, because that easily-recognizable order was more than likely going to come back in from another office in the same area, as there aren’t that many labs. 😊
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not when you look at the cost of having all the coatings and transitions added to the lens of a more normal pair. I was at the mall and got an idea on what lencrafters charged. I debated checking vision works but I doubt they would be much different. for the deluxe progressive lens and transition and grade coating was 950.00 were I paid 455 through my provider and they dont cover glasses. I guess I am taking my sunglasses inserts into them.
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I used to be about a -13.25 with a -2.50 astigmatism. Fortunately I was able to get my eye lenses replaced (cataract surgery) and now only wear readers. So nice to be rid of those thick lenses. Optometrists and opticians really had a hard time believing how much "blur" I got (and how rapidly it developed) off-center due to the chromatic aberration. They'd want to sell me polycarb, and I'd insist on CR39 because I'd rather take some extra edge thickness in exchange for better sight. I set up a little spreadsheet calculator so I could figure edge thicknesses of various lens materials for myself!
got them today they work well of course now the rain stopped soon as I got them.