Anybody with 2015 IZIP Dash motor shutdown from overheating?


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Hi all. I'm new here. I bought a Dash 2015 for commute last winter. I attached my route below; on my way back I go up 340 ft over 3.4 miles. I weigh around 165 lb and I also carry a 10-15 lb pannier on my Dash. My route to work is downhill and coming back home is uphill. It is along well-paved roads. I commute on my Dash five times a week.


On my way back, Dash motor sometimes stops after about 2.5 miles. So far I had five times of this shutdown. Before I had the issue, I use PAS level 4; after I had the issue for the first time, I mostly used PAS 2 or 3, but it still fails. I'm not sure, but it occurs more on warmer days. So I am worried about coming warmer months. When it happened the first time, I contacted Currie and they told me that Dash shutdowns when motor is stressed too much.

When it shutdowns, there is no warning or anything like that; suddenly motor power stops; the speed meter on the display becomes erratic for a short while (sometimes, an error code indicating speed sensor problem shows up) then it becomes zero, indicating the speed sensor shutdowns too. After some rest (~15-20 min), it becomes normal.

I don't think my commute is worse than this one reported here:
According to the figure in the report, he seems to be doing more hills of similar slope than I do; my route is much shorter. I am willing to ride my Dash within its limit, but it seems to be too weak for its spec. So, I want to ask:

Anybody has ever experienced this kind of shutdown?
Anybody has some sense whether the slope and route is too much for Dash or not?

I should say that I really enjoy my Dash except for the shutdown issue. This is disappointing for a big investment. Maybe I should contact Currie, but another problem I have is that the nearest Currie dealer is about 70 miles from where I live!
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I've got the same model and I do a good amount of hills on my Dash and have never experienced the problem. Generally, though, I do 4% - 5.4% grades that go for 2-4 miles (<800 ft. elevation gains). My bike has about 700 total miles on it, of which approximately 5-15% of which were on hills.

What gears are you in and at what speeds? As long as you're in an appropriate gear such that you're putting in a good deal of the power and torque to drive the beast up the hill and not relying on the motor too much, and as long as the sealed rear hub motor is properly lubricated, you should be fine. I used to use PAS 4 when going up hills, but I realized that when I stepped down to PAS 3 or PAS 2, I was able to achieve nearly the same speeds while using much less battery, so I tend to use PAS 2 when ascending particularly steep sections, and then I step up to PAS 3 or PAS 4 when it's flatter, because on flatter ground, I'm able to reach the 20+ mph speeds that PAS 3/4 can bring, whereas on PAS 3/4 on steep sections, I can't seem to go more than 14 mph.

Another good idea I would suggest is to close the suspension lockout when ascending hills. That should allow you to input 5-15% more leg power power while ascending because it eliminates the power loss from front suspension bouncing up and down. That could give your motor some time to breathe a bit more and cool down.

Other than that, your only option would be to get Currie to see if the rear hub motor needs to be replaced, or simply buy a mid-drive bike like the E3 Peak that can use the bike's gearing to help it ascend hills more efficiently and at highest speeds.
I rode the heck outta my Dash, never had an overheat, 400 & then 200 feet of climbing nearly every ride, PAS 4 with two batteries, 170 lbs plus doggie, plus 2nd battery, 4K in 6 months. I would sometimes feel the motor at the end of a ride, never more that warm to the touch. Hope you sort it out. -S
Thanks for the responses.

I put a good deal of power in pedaling and do change gears appropriately. My average speed would be 15-20 mph. I don't have a stiff hill on my route. I used to have a short stiff hill of about 0.1 mile, where I could do only 10 mph at most. But after I had the first shutdown, I bypass the hill. And now Dash can do 20 mph throughout the route. I didn't know about the suspension lockout; I'll try that from my commute back soon. E3 Peak may be worth the extra money but I cannot afford it now!

What is the slope of the 400 and 200 feet climbing? Over what miles do you climb 400 feet and 200 feet? Your average speed?

Now, I'm going back home. I hope it will not occur again.
What is the slope of the 400 and 200 feet climbing? Over what miles do you climb 400 feet and 200 feet? Your average speed?
I dunno but it is Torrey Pines grade in N San Diego and the next hill north if you want to look em up. I did about 18 mph up that bugger, average closer to 22. Is your motor too hot to touch? -S
I have had the experience, but infrequently. I have a 5 mile commute with about the same elevation gain as you. Downhill on the ride in. Never had a problem. Uphill on the way back, I've had it shut down two or three times when I've been really pushing in the high power level. I received confirmation from someone that it is a breaker style protective mechanism in the motor to prevent damage.

PS, my whole person and gear is about 100 pounds more than you.
I had a shutdown again today on my way back home after ~3 miles. Average speed was around 20 mph and I was on PAS level 3 all the way. I touched the motor after I arrived home, it was not too warm to touch. I felt that the motor assist was weakening for a short while before it shutdown. After it shutdown, the speed on the display became zero. I'm wondering how to confirm my Dash is defective or not. I'll try to experiment with PAS 2 tomorrow.
So, about two month ago Currie replaced the hub motor. My Dash have worked really well so far. I had no breakdown. I have been commuting on my Dash every day and now over 700 miles on it.