Any thoughts on Raleigh Getaway 700c?


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This is exclusive to Canadian Tire in Canada and might have a different name elsewhere. The only reviews on line are "incentivized" so hoping for some unbiased opinions here. Even some comment on the specs would be great.

Raleigh Getaway Women's Electric Bike, 32Km/h Max Speed, 700 C​

- pedal-assist Bafang M200 250 Watt mid-drive motor
- 5 levels
- Bafang LCD display
- 14Ah lithium-ion battery
- 6061 aluminum frame
- Shimano 9-speed Altus shifting system
- Tektro disc brakes
- $2k Canadian / $1.5k US

I'm not in a position to invest a lot in an ebike and because bike theft in Toronto is so bad I imagine I will use it mostly when I visit out of town relatives. As reference, I rented a Trek Verve 2 for a week in Maine and loved it (my only complaint was that the seat was tremendously uncomfortable but that's an easy thing to upgrade) but it is too expensive for me at $3.6k CAN. Any recommendations at a lower price would be very appreciated. Also, I don't want an on line only bike. I have to test ride it.

I've posted this in "Help choosing an ebike" but thought it might catch the eye of some Raleigh experienced folks here. My apologies if this is not how its done around here.