Any ideas on a Water Bottle Cage for Lectric 2.0?


I have 2 Lectric 2.0 bikes. The white one with the lower step through frame height has a water bottle cage mount that will accept a normal bottle cage. The black high frame one has the cage braze-ons mounted in an area of the back of the seat tube that defies any normal bottle cage to fit. The fender comes up in a way that would prevent a bottle from mounting at this location even if you could figure out a cage. There is no help from the vendor on this issue.

Here is the factory answer: "Thanks for reaching out! We have not yet had the chance to test out a lot of different accessories or upgrades at our warehouse so we don't have any personal recommendations for you, but there are definitely brands out there that fit the XP! We would recommend reaching out to the members of our social media as these owners have excellent personal suggestions for customizing and upgrading their bikes. Let us know if you have any other questions- we're happy to help!"
on the standard XP 2.0 the braze ons at the back are for a lock mount not a water bottle. many of the various folding locks have a mounting pattern that matches bottle cage mounts.

that being said i have an insulated bottle carrier that attaches with velcro between the rear fender and rear stays and works fine. i actually prefer it because it’s insulated and because it accepts a greater variety of bottle shapes without modification.

MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder - 2 Pack...

others have attached similar to the handlebars or stem tube but i didn’t want anything high and up front like that.
I bought a cheap plastic cage with some flex to it and cable-tied it to the frame triangle just above the braze-ons behind the seat tube. Works OK, but the water bottle isn't easily accessible while riding.
I bought a side load water bottle cage for my 25 oz. It's a bottle perfectly from SAVADECK. Its CNC construction and thermal treatment make this enclosure super thin and lightweight at only 22 grams. I went over some rough roads, and the bottle didn't move at all. You can slide the bottle from the top or push it through the side opening. I also enjoy a rust-free and easy-to-clean side bottle cage thanks to its matte and powder-coated surface.
Sounds like a good idea! Do you have a link to this item?
As already mentioned, the attach points on the back of the frame are for the excellent Lectric bike lock. I bought an adapter from Amazon and then an adjustable bottle carrier. It adjusts small to hold a typical supermarket plastic water bottle, but also adjusts large (about 1/2" further out) to hold the standard bike water bottle. The adapter is made of cast aluminum so it is quite beefy. The ID of the adapter unfortunately is a bit smaller than the vertical frame tube on which it mounts, but aside from gouging the paint it works very well and is quite rigid.

The assembly mounts forward of the vertical frame member, below the seat and above the ST frame support tube. Easy to get to, and doesn't interfere with pedaling or folding.

B Soul tail bag with water bottle works well....


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My last purchase was a sidepull cage from Giant.

It's got a small compartment to carry ether a 9 or 12 tool multi-tool. I got the 9 tool version.
LINK to USA Page

Very handy for those days where I don't want to carry anything but water.
I ride a full suspension E-MTB so I don't have as many options for carrying things.

I'm OK with a pack for longer days further from home, but for local trail riding within 2 or 3 miles from home, I like a lightweight setup for minor tweaks.
Anyone have any info about the Cascade Manufacturing mount that fits Rad Power bikes? My brother has two Rad Minis, so might have him go measure his front rack mount dimensions.
Went with the bottle cage from Pro Bike tool in white. Enlarged the mounting holes (which line up perfectly) to fit the required 6mm cap screws. Added a spacer as required to clear the folding handlebar latch. Time will tell....


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