Another 24 mile spin!!


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wife didn't want to go out
on the bikes so i went myself, up to our local park and rode around it twice......
first time round i passed 5 guys on mountain bikes, they were all sat down having a bite to eat....i saw the looks as i went passed. Rode round the lake which is in the middle of Clumber Park, then decided to go on the rough parts, followed some tracks that were over grown but the bike did it without complaint and so did I!!!!! found myself back at the lake again so i decided to go around again......i passed the guys on the mountain bikes again, this time they were stood up on the pedals as it was slightly up a gradient, i just flicked onto high mode and rode past them.......i nearly fell off laughing, one of the guys said 'I'm gonna try one of those!! i didn't say anything i just carried on and left them behind. I took several detours on the way home clocking up 24.6 mile and 28% left in the battery......awesome bike, in fact since I've had it, I've not ridden my motorcycle!!!!! I'm not going to get rid, just too warm for leathers at the moment.